About Our Center

Established in 2023, the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems (CAMS) is a flagship centre of Kwara State University (KWASU) for emerging technologies. It is to act as one of the catalysts of KWASU's strategy for world-class status. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are a set of advanced technologies that enable computers to simulate human intelligence and attempt to have the same capabilities as human beings, such as in perception, logical reasoning, language processing, facial and speech recognition, planning, response, decision making and general intelligence. AI and ML systems can take many forms and are poised to fill a growing number of roles in today's society, from factory automation, robotics, education, facial and character recognition, visual surveillance, to information management. Practical applications of AI and ML also include 'smart' controllers for household and industrial devices, computers to play games, conduct intelligent web searches and converse. Also, they will have profound implications in areas such as healthcare, transportation, commerce, employment, entertainment, government, manufacturing, legal, security, and privacy. AI and ML are evolving fields that require broad training, with courses that typically involve principles of engineering, computer science, cognitive psychology, among others. In the coming years, the adoption of disruptive technology is expected to happen exponentially with impacts like that of the internet and smartphones. Thus, CAMS was set up as an initiative capable of positioning KWASU as a leader in the revolution. To fulfil its vision, CAMS operates mainly through four broad facets, namely: capacity building, innovative research, strategic partnership, and enterprise and community development. The capacity building involves teaching and training, problem-based and student-centered learning, as well as academic development of courses, curricula and programs in AI, ML, Internet of Things (IoT), data science, etc. The second facet focuses on conducting cutting-edge innovative research on intelligent systems and emerging digital technologies. CAMS’s strategic partnership and collaboration with relevant stakeholders strengthens relationships between academia and industry, and improves problem-based learning, the quality of the content of courses and graduate employability. Also, the impacts are expected in enterprise, community, and economic developments.

Our Work


Welcome to our Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems (CAMS). We are excited to have you here and hope you find our website informative and engaging. As technology continues to emerge and advance, we believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will play a critical role in shaping the future. CAMS is dedicated to exploring the latest developments in these fields and sharing knowledge with the world. Whether you are a student, researcher, or just someone interested in the latest tech trends, we invite you to join us on this journey. Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to connecting with you.

Dr. Abdulwaheed Musa (Ph.D., SMIEEE, R. Eng.)











Dr. Abdulwaheed Musa (Ph.D., SMIEEE, R. Eng.)

Center for ArtificialIntelligence and Machine Learning Systems (CAMS).
Email: abdulwaheed.musa@kwasu.edu.ng
Google Scholar Link: Dr. Abdulwaheed Citations

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